About JayaMaju Mesra Sdn Bhd

Establish in 1988, we are one of the earliest company then in the reselling of used motor vehicles in Petaling Jaya area. With more than 30 years in this business, we have proven track records for Reliable product and Trustworthy before and after Sales Services.

JMSB help to sell, the first of its kind in the world was specifically designed as an alternative solution to cater for the vase pre-owned vehicle sellers market from both individuals and corporate. JMSB Solution is not meant to replace the traditional pre-owned car dealers who normally trade in used cars with cash out right. Due to the fact that they have to buy in with cash out right, they have to be compensated with reasonable profit margin as a result sellers have to dispose their cars at a much lower value.
The emergence of JMSB Solution has finally able to provide an alternative to car sellers. With our properly designed service structures, our clients can actually enjoy a charges and at the same time avoiding losing too much value of their cars.
Before the existence of JMSB Solution, vehible ownershave 2 ways to dispose off their vehicles. They can either sell it directly to used car dealer or they do a "D-I-Y" (Do it yourself) selling to direct buyer. Both methods no doubt disadvantages. With JMSB Solution, these disadvantages can be eliminated while maintaining the advantages.We would be offering special financing options via the best finance companies. Among the financing companies would be Hong Leong, Public Bank, Ambank, Maybank and others finance.

Our Products

Express Solution
We handle the selling part - save time, hassle free
  • New Cars (Popular brand: - Perodua, Proton, Toyota, Honda, etc.)
  • Used Cars
    Vast Spectrum of Quality cars to choose from, small to big, SUV to MPV we have it all.
  • Car Insurance
    Reputable & Proven multi-million Achiever